How To Repair The iPhone 5s Screen And Charging Port

iphone5s 2

 Apple released the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus and the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, so you might be wondering, why would we do a guide on how to fix the old iPhone 5s? Well, many users still hold on to their precious iPhone 5s, while at the same time upgrading to a newer phone. But, over the course of time the older phone can get damaged, and that’s why it’s always best to know how to repair it yourself than pay out more to get it fixed.

Dropping your iPhone 5s can wreak many parts externally and internally, and it doesn’t take much to damage an iPhone, even when it is unintentional. So, we thought to show you two videos on how to repair your iPhone 5s screen within 11 minutes, and how to fix your charging port under five minutes.

Having your older device taken to get repaired can get costly, and it’s always best to know how to do it yourself rather than not knowing. Without wasting anymore words, you can watch the video below that JerryRigEverything posted up, which tells you every tool you will need to repair your iPhone 5s screen.

The second or the last video shows you how to replace the parts to get your charging port working again. This video tells you what tools he’s using, as well as how to do it under five minutes. You can watch the video below.

And that’s how you repair both the screen and charging port for the iPhone 5s. Expect to see more guides and videos on repairing older iPhones. With that said, are you still using an iPhone 5s? If so, let us know what you still think of it compared to the newer iPhones.

Source info: JerryRigEverything