Protect Your iPad With Lifeproof’s Nüüd Case

Protect Your iPad With LifeProod's Nüüd Case

With the Lifeproof Nüüd case, nothing comes between you and your iPad. It’s reliable, durable and up for any challenge.

With its AR-Coated optical glass lens and screen-less technology, it gives users the direct access and clarity they need, for instant crisp interaction for everyday usage.

The case also features Touch ID, and a sound enhancement system to amplify your audio for great sound quality. Not only does it have awesome responsive keys, clear sound and a nice display, the case also keeps the fit and form of your iPad, adding no bulkiness or awkwardness, keeping your iPad at a minimal size and weight for easy handling.

The case also allows full access to all buttons, ports and controls, as well as offering users resistance to water, dirt and snow. This means the Nüüd case is weather proof, dirt proof and shock proof, allowing users to travel and take their iPad outdoors.

This case is only compatible with the iPad Air 2, and comes in two color choices, which is white and black. You can purchase this case at Apple’s official website for $129.95 with free shipping and handling.

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