How To Fix iPhone 4 And 5 After Water Damage

waterdamage repair

Continuing our guides of how to repair older iPhones comes some videos of iPhone 4 and 5 water damage repair tutorials.

We make this mistake of dropping our phones in water all the time. We usually have our phones with us and need it to perform certain tasks to help us out, but if it is suffering from water damage you won’t be able to use it correctly.

But, there is a way to save it even after it is drenched in water. We have two videos from ITXtutor and iCracked showing you how to repair your iPhone 4 and 4s as seen below. So if you are suffering from water problems, these videos might help you out.

This 19 minute long video by infohut shows users how to fix their iPhone 5 devices with water damage. He goes over what you should and shouldn’t do, as well as what tools you’ll need to fix the device.

And now you know how to repair your iPhone 4 or 4s and iPhone 5 after water damage. Let us know if your older iPhone device is suffering from water damage in the comments below.

Source info: YouTube