New Free Jailbreak Tweaks Arrive For iOS 9.0.2

pangu iOS 9

For those searching for new and better jailbreak tweaks, we’ve got you covered. This list contains over 20 different jailbreak tweaks that are free for your iOS device running iOS 9.0.2.

The top half of the post contains free jailbreak tweaks, while the bottom half contains paid jailbreak tweaks. All tweaks are compatible with iOS 9.0.2.

Free Jailbreak Tweaks:

  • BreadCrumbArrow: Removes breadcrumbs text in the Status Bar (free)
  • Bytafont 3: Allows you to apply fonts on your device (free)
  • Dog Adoption: This tweak helps you find dogs to adopt (free)
  • iPipOS: Add a couple of feature from Pip-Boy to iOS (free)
  • MediaDownloader: Download and save files online (free)
  • Parallel: Shows both Zawgyi and Unicode (free)
  • iDeviceWalls: Provides a selection of wallpapers for your iPhone (free)
  • JiggleMode: An Activator action that puts your icons in wiggle mode (free)
  • LockBeam: Turn on the flashlight with tap gestures on the Lock screen (free)
  • No Voice Recording for Messages: Voice recording is disabled for Messages (free)
  • SB3DtouchMenu: Provides shortcuts on the Springboard through 3D Touch (free)
  • SystemSoundsDisabler: Allows you to disable different sound systems (free)
  • Waze+: Enables AutoPassenger mode in Waze (free).

Paid Jailbreak Tweaks:

  • Aeternum Hives: A Springboard replacement inspired by Apple Watch ($2.99)
  • FaskeStep: Your walking and running data is stored in Health app ($4.99)
  • HideMeX: Allows for full customization of various features ($2.99)
  • iMAllFile9: Send any file through iMessage ($0.99)
  • InfinityTask: Lets you remove background restrictions ($2.49)
  • miWeather 9 Cydget: Brings a vertical weather widget for the Lock screen ($2.99)
  • Recents 2: Allows your call history to be viewed in the Notification Center ($1.49)
  • TWBenhancer9: This tweak brings a list of features to Tweetbot 4 ($2.49)
  • WeatherBoard 2: Adds animated weather to the Lock screen ($2.49)
  • Shortcutix: Customize the appearance of 3D Touch shortcut menus ($1.30)
  • Sleipnizer for Safari: Invoke browser actions with gestures ($1.99)
  • Slide2Kill 9: Slide cards in the App Switcher to force close apps ($0.99).

When you find the tweaks you want, head to the BigBoss Repo to retrieve it.

Source info: BigBoss Repo