Protect Your iPhone 6s With PunkCase’s SpikeStar Case

Protect your iPhone 6s & 6s Plus With Punkcase's Spikester Case

Protect your iPhone 6s and 6s Plus with PunkCase’s new waterproof SpikeStar case. This case is specifically designed for the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, and shields your device with a hard shell cover against hazardous drops and water damage.

PunkCase offers a wide variety of cases for Apple products, but this case is good for protecting your iPhone 6s and 6s Plus against water and shock damage. It is guaranteed that it will survive a drop on concrete, as well as a dunk in water.

PunkCase SpikeStar Case

To test the strength of this case, PunkCase tested the iPhone 6s in the SpikeStar case under six feet of water for ten minutes, and found that the iPhone 6s was still intact. The case also offers resistance against dust, snow and other elements that could potentially damage your iPhone.

Not only does the case allow users to access all ports and buttons, the buttons constructed on the case aren’t hard to push-in or difficult to use. The SpikeStar also comes with a clear scratch resistant screen guard, which protects your iPhone’s screen.

PunkCase details

The case also comes with a special packaging of headphone adapters, user instructions and a cleaning cloth. The SpikeStar case is available in the following colors: red, black, white, pink and purple. During this time, the company cut the price down on the case from $79.95 to $35.98. For those that are interested in this case, you can get it from their main site.

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