Target’s Black Friday Deals Offer iPhone 6s, Apple Watch And More

target black friday 1

For those looking for good deals might find Target’s Black Friday offers to be useful. They have a free gift card promotion that includes the iPhone 6s, the Apple Watch, the iPad Air 2, the iPad mini 4 and more. 

Target’s Black Friday deals will start on Thanksgiving this year, and will open doors at 6PM for first round discounted shopping. Then on Friday, more deals will arrive starting at 7AM. Targets deals will span across every corner of its store, from toys to food.

In addition, the biggest deals are the electronics, which includes TVs, cameras and Apple’s iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus and more. Below is a list of Target’s Apple Black Friday deals, courtesy of their official site.

Target’s Black Friday Deals For Apple Products:

For those looking for offers outside of Apple can visit Target’s Black Friday page, which offers all sorts of deals. Target is also offering a small list of Black Friday “preview” deals including 25% off the last generation Apple TV.

Source info: Target