Intensify Your Music With B&O PLAY H8 Wireless Headphones

B&O PLAY BeoPlay H8 Wireless On-Ear Headphones

Play your music loud and proud with B&O PLAY’s H8 wireless on-ear headphones. Their comfortable, lightweight, and offer an incredible listening experience.

With Active noise canceling and aluminum touch interface, these headphones offer full quality sound, great control of volume, track changes and phone calls all in one set. They also feature great durable battery life that can stay active for up to 14 hours, even with active noise cancellation and Bluetooth turned on.

With its on-ear design and only weighing nine ounces, it gives a surround sound personal experience, while also being light, comfortable and functional. This allows users to bring the portable headphones in a bag, suitcase or purse, without it weighing it down too bad.

B&O PLAY Headphones

The headphones are compatible with any iPhone, iPad or iPod model, as well as the Apple Watch and fourth-generation Apple TV. You can currently purchase B&O PLAY’s H8 wireless on-ear headphones in two colors: brown or black for $499.95 at Apple’s official website.

When purchased, you get a special packaging of a flight adapter, an audio cord, micro USB to USB cable for charging, a carry pouch, and a quick start guide. For more details about these headphones you can visit

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