Check Out This New iPhone 7 Concept Video

iphone 7 concept 2

The iPhone 7 will be Apple’s new iPhone of 2016. However, it is unknown if there will be an iPhone 7 mini or iPhone 7c, but according to analysts like Ming Chi Kuo, we should see an iPhone 7 Plus. With that noted, a new concept video reveals the iPhone 7 and how it might look.

Concept designer and artist Jermaine Smit recently made a new concept video on the new iPhone 7. The video shows us different angles and colors of the device, as well as a wireless charging dock for Apple’s 2016 iPhone.

Smit notes that he got his inspiration from the iPhone 4, which can be seen in its design. Although this version has a more rounded and taller build to it than the iPhone 4, we can clearly see the back portion as well as the camera placement resembling that of an iPhone 4.

You can watch the new concept video that Jermaine Smit posted to his YouTube channel below.

After viewing his work, what’s your thoughts on this video? Do you think Apple should go back to the iPhone 4, or try a different design for the iPhone 7? Let us know in the comment section what you think Apple should do with the iPhone 7.

Source info: Jermaine Smit YouTube channel