Nokia: Lumia 920 is Better Than iPhone 5 (Infographic)

Nokia has posted an infographic on its official Facebook page detailing why its Lumia 920 is better than the iPhone 5.

Click on the image below to view the infographic’s full resolution.

Nokia had previously mocked the iPhone 5 by using Samsung’s commercial attacking the iPhone 5.

  • Steve

    The yellow color scheme is friggin’ ugly. Do not want.

  • Christian Wuff

    They should have compared thickness and weight… it’s a mobile device after all.

    • JayRoe

      When you buy shoes, do you go for the smallest or do you buy pairs that fit? From what I’ve read, the Lumia 920 feels perfect in your hand and that matters far more than minuscule differences in measurements.

    • Momo9463

      Two years ago the weight and thickness of Lumia 920 will be unprecedented. If you feel mobile device feels perfect in you hand two years ago, so should you feel the same to Lumia 920. Just because it’s not the thinnest does not means it’s not the best.

  • Neil

    There are 4 other colors to choose from, Steve.