New Smarteer Screen Protector For iPhone 6s And 6s Plus

Smarteer Screen Protector

The Smarteer Screen Shield for the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus features instant touch technology, blocks out any type of scratches, scuff marks and dirt, while providing extra buttons at the top and bottom.

The company who designed the screen protector, QPUA, envisioned a shield unlike any other. They crafted it with a 9H ballistic nano tempered glass with instant accessibility, allowing users to access other parts of their iPhone with no problem.

The Smarteer Shield features four built-in circuit connections that are placed both in the left and top right corner, as well as the bottom right/left corner of the screen. This allows users to easily press the back or the Home button just by using one hand. This eliminates any type of hassle, frustration and inconvenience for those that have trouble using their bigger smartphone with one hand.

Smarteer screen before and after

Because it gives alternative circuit connected buttons, it reacts to whatever action is at the bottom of the screen to the top of the screen. Instead of reaching to the top part of your device, you can simply tap the “Confirm Key” on the lower right side of your device and it will trigger a tap on the upper right side of your screen. You can also tap the “Smart Return” key to trigger any type of action featured on the upper left side of your phone, and it will instantly respond.

The Smarteer Screen Protector features no installing or no software application, and comes with a lifetime replacement warranty. You can currently buy the iPhone 6s model for $9.99 and the iPhone 6s Plus model for $10.99 on

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