Protect Your Phone With The New ECL USA Case For iPhone 6 & 6s

ECL Case

Protect your phone with the new ECL USA case for the iPhone 6 and 6s. It’s made with flexible durable materials that is strong and sturdy, and can withstand any type of scratches or bumps.

This slim line cover case is a little bit different from most case models. It features a two piece layering construction of a smooth black upper core, and a colorful bottom rim bumper. Depending on what store you buy it from, the bumper can come in either: black, red, green, space gray or gold.


The case, however, doesn’t come with preset button covers, but instead has precise cutouts to let users access their volume, ports, controls and any other buttons all on the side of the case. The ECL USA case also comes with a hovering raised lip, and sports¬†advanced shock technology to shield and block out any harmful damages that could potentially break or shatter your smartphone.

You can currently buy the ECL USA case at Z1 for $34.95 with free shipping. For more details about the ECL USA case, you can visit Z1 Products for more information.