Add A Holiday Twist To Your iPhone 6/6s Plus With The New ESR Case

ESR iPhone 6 plus and 6s Plus Case

The ESR iPhone 6 and 6s Plus case adds a holiday whimsical charm while delivering excellent protection. With its snowflake polka dot design, and pink and green floral reindeer on the cover, you simply just can’t pass it up.

The ESR case was crafted with flexible thermoplastic polyurethane, and designed with thick padded edges to shield and combat any nicks and scratches. The case also features shock absorbing materials with an anti moisture textured inside, which blocks out any fog or wet build up that could potentially damage your smartphone.

ESR case

Not only is it great for protecting and blocking out moisture but it’s also great for anti-aging protection, which prevents any yellowing or UV rays from appearing on the case. Users can also access any ports, buttons and connectors, due to its precise cutouts. The case also comes with Flexpress technology, allowing users to press their buttons with an iPhone-like rebound force, for easy responsive keys.

The ESR case comes in several different designs ranging from mermaids, cats, sheep, snowmen and cartoon people to fit anybody’s style and preference. This case in the Mania-Rosy Sika print, is currently $9.99 with free shipping over $35 at

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