Could The iPhone 6c Launch Next Year In February?

iphone-6 side-ways

With a lot of past rumors about the iPhone 6c coming out being wrong, many don’t have high hopes for the rumored device to actually hit store shelves. However, it seems that quite a bit of rumors keep reiterating the colorful 4-inch iPhone to come out next year during February. 

In addition, it seems as if publication site Techweb brings some new information to the table by citing supply chain sources familiar with the matter. The source notes that the 4-inch device will feature a metallic enclosed casing ranging from a variety of colors.

Techweb notes that they were able to get information from Foxconn, which derives from an unnamed individual. Moreover, they note that the device will be unveiled next year during January, but will hit store shelves in February.

The source believes that the 6c will be outfitted with Touch ID fingerprint scanner, but will not come with 3D Touch, due to Apple wanting to keep the off-contract U.S. price somewhere between $400 to $500. But, the source notes that Foxconn has not yet received the command to mass produce the 6c.

For those excited about the rumored iPhone 6c will have to wait until January 2016, assuming the company is even working on a “c” variant.

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