Apple Raises iTunes Match And Apple Music Library Matching Limits

itunes match 1

Blogger Kirk McElhearn reported that Apple has increased iTunes Match and iCloud Music Library track limits past the original 25,000 track limit. According to the blog, we should be hearing from Apple soon about the limit increase.

In addition, just ahead of the launch of Apple Music near the end of June, Eddy Cue noted on Twitter that Apple was working to raise the matching limit from 25,000 tracks to 100,000 for iOS 9. Furthermore, iOS 9 came out in September, but the increase didn’t start until December.

Moreover, McElhearn wasn’t the only person who spotted the change, iMore also noted the change and is said to be the first to pick up on it. However, McElhearn posted a screen shot of a library with over 28,000 songs. You can check out the image that was posted below.

itunes match 2

Lastly, Apple has yet to update its official website or support page about the higher limits, which we expect to be announced sometime soon. With that said, we’ll be sure to keep you posted when Apple officially announces the news.

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