New Verus Damda Slide Case For iPhone 6s

Damda case

The new Verus Damda Slide case for iPhone 6s is incredibly thin, durable and super convenient. It’s great for storing ID cards, business cards as well as credit cards.

The Verus Case offers a full degree protection covering all four corners of the top, side and bottom of your iPhone. It features hovering raised edges, a hard PC cover and a TPU lip to protect and shield your screen from any scratches, smudges and dirt, which could blur or damage your screen.

The case also includes impact dual resistant layers made from high-grade materials, that are super soft and super rubbery, which helps cushion any type of falls and drops. This case is also super slim, and super snug in fit, keeping the nice slim aesthetic of your iPhone 6s.

Damda case specs

The best part about the Verus Damda Slide case is that it comes with a two-card carrying slot right in the center of the case, bringing easy practical accessibility.

This case comes in six color choices: Red, Yellow, Champagne Gold, Dark Silver, Rose Gold and Silver for $16.99 at For further details about the Verus Damda Slide case, you can head over to for more information.

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