New Report Notes Apple Maps Used 3x More Than Google Maps On iOS

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In recent news, Associated Press reported Apple saying Apple Maps logs more than 5 billion Maps-related requests each week, a number helped along by ongoing testing to rid the service of bugs, fix incorrect data points and add new features.

According to the source, when Apple Maps first launched in 2012, the public wasn’t too happy with the service and reported a lot of issues like data errors, 3D rendering problems, inaccurate directions and other various problems. The situation got to the point where CEO Tim Cook was forced to apologize in a public letter, this led to Apple working on Apple Maps and addressing those problems over the course of three years to compete with established services like Google Maps.

Apple’s numbers and statistics are backed up by market research firm comScore, which noted Apple Maps usage has a “modest” lead over Google’s service. Prior to its own in-house solution, the company relied on Google Maps for its iOS Maps app.

Contributing to the growth is Apple’s insistence on using Apple Maps as the default iOS service for embedded maps. In addition, both first-party and third-party apps also have the option of incorporating Apple Maps for location finding, POI queries and much more.

Furthermore, thanks to a much-needed update in iOS 9, Apple Maps gained transit directions. This feature helps users find the fastest routes using buses, trains, subways and other public transportation services, something that was available in other competing services. Looking over to what powers Apple maps includes HopStop, Coherent and Embark.

The company is also moving forward with internal initiatives to enhance the Maps experience. Over the years the company has hired several “ground truth” experts to confirm POI data and partnered with data housing firms for business listings, imaging, traffic and other mapping services. The report notes that Apple now uses more than 3,000 sources for its information.

Finally, Apple earlier this year launched a secret program involving sensor and camera equipped vans. The company later announced that they were using the vans to “improve” Apple Maps.

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