Devialet’s High-End Speakers Available In Apple Stores

devialet speaker 1

Apple and the french audio company Devialet, are now in partnership. If you enjoy vibrant, powerful sounds, these high-end speakers may just fit the bill.

Devialet is known for sound and design, with many years of developing their unique innovation in sound technologies, this company has walked away with more than 35 awards, and at least 88 patents. With that being said, it’s understandable why Apple has partner with Devialet. Expect to see and hear Devialet’s Phantom wireless speaker in fourteen Apple stores throughout the United States.

The Phantom wireless speakers are designed with a beautiful posh silver polish, and a lovely soft curvy white design. The Devialet 99 dB wireless Phantom has 750 watts, and will cost $1,990, and the 105 dB Phantom Silver has 3000 watts, and will cost $2,390. You can also expect to find in the Apple store, Devialet’s remote control costing around $149. Also look for the Dialog bridge which should cost around $329, the bridge is use to connect up to 24 Phantoms, if you desire.

The wireless Phantom speakers were engineered with an omnidirectional sound, even in a huge spacious room. The sound has a rich, clear, and even-tone acoustic generating from the speakers.

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