Apple Launches New Smart Battery Case For The iPhone 6 & 6S

Smart Case

On Tuesday, Apple released a new battery case for the iPhone 6 and 6s. The $99 slip-on Smart Battery case for the iPhone is suppose to challenge Mophie and other third-party battery cases.

The new case features a 1877mAh battery that will add an additional 25 hours of talk time and 18 hours of web browsing. Users will also be able to see how much battery life is left in the case on the iPhone lock screen or by looking at the Notifications center.

The design of the case isn’t like most battery cases, instead of being on the bulky side, Apple chose to take a different route and went slim. Apple’s Smart Battery case allows you to bend the top part of the case back to slide the phone in, rather than attaching a two piece case to your phone.

Smart Battery Case

The case has a smooth silicone exterior that offers a nice grip to it, so you won’t have to worry about it slipping out your hands, while the inside of the case is lined with soft microfibers to help protect your phone from any accidental drop. However, the battery of the case does protrude in the back, making it less attractive.

The case charges by using Apple’s lightning connector, so you can use the same one as your phone, and it also works with the iPhone Lightning Dock.

There is no on/off switch like most battery cases, instead this case will automatically begin charging your low battery phone once you put the case on. If both the case and phone are at 100%, it will drain the phone first before using the case’s battery.

In addition, Apple has also added extra antennas into the case in order for the phone to get a better reception.

Apple’s Smart Battery case is available in two colors: Charcoal Gray and White and can be purchased on their official website for $99.