Protect Your iPad Pro With The New Verus Layered Dandy Case

Verus Carrying Case for iPad Pro

The company Verus provides excellent quality and durable cases, which are manufactured with premium long-lasting materials. This case is unique, sleek, and perfect for protecting your iPad Pro.

The new Verus Layered Dandy iPad Pro case comes with incredible features, and offers double protection with quality PU leather. The case comes with three holding slots, variable-angle adjustments, a high-security magnetic fastener, as well as a snug fit and durable construction.

The holding slots help store all your credit cards, business cards, ID cards, and even receipts all inside. Next to the slots is a really soft absorbing chamude fabric, which cushions and protects your device from any forceful impacts. The variable-angle adjustment offers two convenient viewing angles, allowing you to use your device from any preferred angle, giving an easy experience while using your iPad.

Verus Case iPad Pro Details

In addition, the high-security magnetic fastener helps secure your iPad Pro, locking the case together and making sure the device doesn’t fall out. The snug fit offers a nice sophisticated look with no bulk, to ensure the iPad stays in with no loose fit.

Verus Case For iPad Pro

And last but not least, the Verus Layered Dandy case was specially designed to protect and shield your iPad from any impacts or scratches, while allowing users to access all ports and buttons with ease.

If you’re interested in this case, you can head over to where it’s currently available in three colors: black, brown and red for $54.99.

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