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Apple has published its “2015 Best Of” for the App Store, iTunes and iBook Store. The top app of the year was awarded to Periscope, while Lara Croft GO was its Game of the Year.

Before we start the rest of the list, all of the selections were made by Apple’s editorial curation team. With that out of the way, the runner-ups for the App of the Year were Enlight and Robinhood. Looking over to the runner-ups for Game of the year, Fallout Shelter and Mr. Jump finished second and third place respectively.

Furthermore, Apple named Workflow “the most innovative” app in 2015, while Dark Echo was awarded the same title in gaming category. Instagram was named the “Best App on iPhone 6s” while Warhammer 40,000: Freeblade was awarded “Best Game on iPhone 6s.”

The top five paid iOS apps in 2015 were awarded to Heads Up! Games, Minecraft: Pocket Edition, Trivia Crack, Five Nights at Freddy’s 2 and Facetune. The top five free apps were Trivia Crack, Facebook Messenger, Dubsmash, Instagram and Snapchat.

The top grossing apps in 2015 were Clash of Clans, Game of War: Fire Age, Candy Crush Saga, Pandora and Candy Crush Soda Saga.

Among Apple’s Best of 2015 movies were Mad Max: Fury Road, Amy, Inside Out and Dope. The Best of 2015 TV shows were Mr. Robot, UnREAL and Inside Amy Schumer. Looking over to the company’s best fiction book of the year, Apple awarded it to Little Life by Hanya Yanagihara.

In addition, you can check out Apple’s top 25 apps and games of 2015 below.

Apple’s Top 25 Apps Of 2015:

  1. Periscope
  2. Enlight
  3. Robinhood
  4. Workflow
  5. Instagram
  6. HBO NOW
  7. Hopper
  8. Darkroom
  9. Lark
  10. The Everything Machine
  11. Pacemaker
  12. Tandem
  13. Jet
  14. Timeline
  15. Vee for Video
  16. Fit Men Cook
  17. Spark
  18. RefME
  19. Wildcard
  20. Paper by FiftyThree
  22. PRY
  23. Reuters TV
  24. Zova
  25. Blue Apron.

Apple’s Top 25 Games Of 2015:

  1. Lara Croft GO
  2. Fallout Shelter
  3. Mr Jump
  4. Dark Echo
  5. Warhammer 40,000: Freeblade
  6. Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft
  7. Vainglory
  8. Dungeon Boss
  9. Puzzle Craft 2
  10. PAC-MAN 256
  11. You Must Build A Boat
  12. AG Drive
  13. MARVEL Contest of Champions
  14. Horizon Chase – World Tour
  15. Shadowmatic
  16. Wonky Ship
  17. Super Sharp
  18. Last Voyage
  19. Ski Safari 2
  20. Downwell
  21. Rayman Adventures
  22. Afterpulse
  23. Psych! Outwit Your Friends
  24. HoPiKo
  25. Blades of Brim.

The complete charts are available on the App Store on iOS and iTunes on Mac.

Source info: Apple’s Best of 2015