Protect Your Mac With The New TopCase Set For Macbook Pro

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Protect your Macbook Pro with TopCase’s new three in one cover case. The company is known for making keyboard skins, screen protectors and mouse pads for the Mac. The company’s cases and accessories are stylish and very durable.

With its Moroccan inspired design and geometric prints, TopCase’s three-in-one set is truly a stunner. The cover case features a perfect on-and-off snap design, while sporting a beautiful slim and lightweight material made from quatrefoil, which protects your Mac from any type of impacts.

TopCase three one set

TopCase Keyboard Protector and Screen Sheild

The keyboard cover skins are not only great for making your keys look different and fun, but they’re also there to protect your keys from getting any type of dust or dirt in them. Furthermore, the LCD screen protector comes with TopCase’s special mouse pad, which protects your mouse. All three of these accessories are perfect for adding style, as well as protecting you Mac, keyboard and mouse when using them.

TopCase’s set is only compatible with the Macbook Pro and comes in thirteen colors, which are: Black, Gray, Green, Orange, Pink, Purple, Blue and more. You can get this set for $13.99 with $3.49 shipping at

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