New OBLIQ Slim Meta Case For iPhone 6 And 6s Plus

OBLIQ case

OBLIQ’s new Slim Meta case is designed for the iPhone 6/6s Plus. The company made the case out of polycarbonte, which provides excellent protection, and offers a unique metallic brush design.

The case features a metallic back panel, precise cut-outs, a table lay design and a nice fit for the iPhone 6/6s Plus. The metallic back paneling adds a sophisticated unique design, giving a smooth metallic brushed pattern to your iPhone.

OBLIQ patteren

The precise cut-outs offer quick access to the volume and power buttons, as well as making all ports more convenient. OBLIQ also made its case with four corner cut-outs, which help users to gently remove their device out of the case.

Because the case comes with a 1.5mm front protective lip that hovers over the screen, it allows the phone to lay face down on any flat surface without scuffing or scratching the screen.

OBLIQ case specs

This case comes in six different colors, which are: Champagne gold, Aqua blue, Metallic blue, Scarlet red, Rose gold and silver. You can get this case for $34.99 at OBLIQ’s official website.

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