iPhone 6s Takes Top Spot On Google’s 2015 “Year In Search” Chart

iPhone 6s1

Apple’s iPhone 6s takes the top spot on Google’s 2015 “Year In Search” chart for Trending Consumer Tech for 2015. This news comes directly from Google, which was released in its annual “Year In Search” results, highlighting popular and trending searches in 2015.

According to the chart, Apple-related search terms continued to rank highly in the consumer tech list, with the iPhone 6s taking the number one spot. In addition, Samsung Galaxy S6 took second, the Apple Watch took third, the iPad Pro took fourth, while the LG G4 took fifth place.

Taking the sixth spot on the chart was Samsung’s Galaxy Note 5, while the Galaxy J5 took seventh place. Looking over to number eight was HTC’s One M9, while number nine was Huawei’s Nexus 6P. Number ten on the chart was Microsoft’s Surface Pro. Something worth noting, no technology-related terms made it into Google’s top ten searches overall in 2015.

In addition, you can check out the official chart below.

google 2015 searches

Looking back to Google’s 2014 Year In Search, a number of Apple-related search terms ranked highly among the most trending searches in the Consumer Electronics category, with the iPhone 6 taking the top spot, the Apple Watch taking eighth, and the iPad Air taking tenth place.

For more information on Google’s 2015 Year In Search chart, you can visit google.com/trends or you can get more info on the iPhone 6s by going to google.com/trends/explore.

Source info: Google Year In Search