Apple Music Gains 10 Million Subscribers In Six Months

Apple Music

According to the Financial Times, Apple Music has already surpassed 10 million paid subscribers. Apple’s music-streaming service started in June 2015, in more than 100 countries.

Apple music service started off in June 2015, offering a free three-month trail service to subscribers. If a subscriber decided to keep the service after the three-month trail service was up, the cost per month is $9.99. In November, Apple Music made the opportunity for Android users to come aboard, this help contribute to the increase number of new paid subscriber which is growing rapidly.

Apple realized that the streaming services were growing fast, and iTunes wasn’t competitive enough to keep up with Spotify and other streaming services that were growing and taking over in streaming music. In order to stay in the mainstream, Apple acquired Beats Electronics and launched its own music streaming service. One of Apples’s strategy for staying competitive with Spotify and Pandora was to offer Taylor Swift’s 1989 World Tour video as a free perk to Apple Music subscribers.

As of now, Spotify holds a tough first contender with Apple Music in the music streaming service. Spotify started in Europe in 2008. Giving them a lead in gaining subscribers over the years, Spotify has over 20 million paid members.

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