Samsung Rumored To Spend $7 Billion On OLED Displays For Future iPhones

Display iPhone 6-Design 2

According to a new report that publication site MacRumors published, Samsung Display is getting closer to reaching an agreement with Apple to supply the company with durable, flexible OLED displays for future iPhones. Samsung Display is reported to invest 7.47 billion in OLED manufacturing equipment to fulfill orders.

Publication site Korean ET News also reported on the same news, which both publication sites noted that Samsung Display division will increase OLED display production by 30,000 to 45,000 panels per month for this year. 2016’s increase will also spill over to 2017, which is noted to gain 45,000 substrates each month per term of its nearly finalized contract.

Both sources noted that OLED manufacturing and inspection will come from South Korean display businesses AP Systems and HB Technology. This manufacturing is reported to help Apple launch OLED displays on 2018’s iPhone.

In addition, the OLED panel orders are thought to be distributed among several suppliers, which includes AU Optronics, Japan Display and LG. MacRumors noted that Apple’s secret Taiwanese factory could be in the process of producing thinner, lighter and brighter displays for future Apple devices. If this is the case, Apple products could see both OLED and Micro-LED display technology in future iPhones and other iOS devices.

Source info: MacRumorsKorean ET News