LG Rumored To Produce More Curved OLED Displays For Future iPhones

Display iPhone 6-Design 2

LG Display is rumored to start increasing its manufacturing capacity for curved or flexible OLED displays. This is said to link up with other rumors of LG Display helping Apple produce its first OLED equipped iPhone.  

According to publication site DigiTimes and South Korea’s ET News, LG is looking to achieve 75,000 substrates per month at 6G facilities in the first half of 2017. This is said to help support the company’s current 4,5G facilities, which produce 20,000 substrates a month.

Other reports have indicated that AU Optronics and Samsung will also help supply OLED production for Apple. Samsung is rumored to spend up to $7.47 billion on increasing capacity, which will take place in 2017. Looking over to AU Optronics, the company is reported to receive an investment from Apple to join OLED supplier ranks.

Apple is expected to use OLED in iPhone models around 2018. Some sources speculate that we could see the material in the iPhone 7s in 2017, but many sources agree that Apple will not produce an iPhone with OLED in 2016.

In addition, many sources say that OLED offers many advantages over the current LTPS panels in iPhones, such as flexibility, but is said to be much more expensive to produce.

Source info: DigiTimes