Google’s AdWords App Now For iOS

Google app

Last week, Google released their AdWords app for iOS, which is used to help people who run online campaigns manage their projects easier.

The Home screen of AdWord gives users a quick and clear summary of indicators such as clicks and impressions, alongside trends. Users will be able to customize which data they want to appear and the appropriate time periods of their campaign they want to review.

The app features Management tools that lets users start or put a hold on a campaign, adjust daily budgets, and control bids for ad groups or keywords. The app has another tab for billing information, and suggests how to enhance the campaign’s performance. In addition, the app gives users notification for updates on any active campaign.

Before, the company released the AdWords Express app that aimed for small business owners to manage campaigns if they were apart of the AdWord Express service. At the moment, Google’s latest AdWords app is for existing customers only, but this requirement might be lifted in the future.

You can check out Google’s new video about getting started with AdWords above.

AdWords is free to download in the App Store on any device running iOS 7 or newer.