Is Apple Music Search Not Working Correctly For You?

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In recent news, publication site MacRumors noted that some Apple Music subscribers are facing some difficulties with the music search feature. The issue was noted to exhibit itself when searching for new music in the Music app on iOS devices like the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. The source even noted that when they published the report that the iCloud status webpage did not indicate that there was a problem regarding Apple Music and the search feature in the Music app.

In addition, the source also mentioned that…

“Many users are reporting that typing a search query into the Apple Music search bar fails to return results, while others are receiving results but seeing a blank screen when tapping the track or artist name for further information.”

MacRumors also reported that the famous cure for most problems, which is rebooting your device, seems to not work with this new issue, nor does force-quitting the Music app. Moreover, the issue is affecting folks around the world and has been reported on many social media sites and in Apple’s support discussion pages.

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Although it seems to be garnering attention on both social media sites and Apple’s official discussion pages, the source reports that it is only isolated to iOS users around the world and not Mac users, which is noted that they are unable to replicate the issue in the iTunes desktop app.

Lastly, the issue is said to be linked to Apple’s servers and should be fixed when the service on the company’s end is corrected.

Source info: MacRumors