iOS 6 Sucks?

It seems that for the first, an iOS upgrade is leading to increased customer dissatisfaction.

According to a poll conducted by mobile customer research firm On Device, just under 16,000 iPhone owners in the US were less satisfied with their devices with iOS 6 installed when compared to iOS 5. While the drop is nothing too considerable, On Device stressed that it’s the first time it’s seen a drop in satisfaction.

On Device CEO Alistair Hill said:

We have always seen an increase in device satisfaction as consumer upgrade their mobile operating system from one version to another.

Hill added that the above statement has “traditionally been the case among Android OS versions. The company notes that especially compared to the jump between iOS 4 and iOS 5, which shows strong improvements, the drop from iOS 5 to iOS 6 seems especially unusual”.

Apple has, of course, been heavily scrutinized for their low-quality maps app that replaced Google Maps.

  • MarvinSG

    i think ios 7 would be better i hope this list going to be added soon
    +reback your credit when buy app and delete it
    +you can put a tag and name for your photos
    +some tweaks and bug fixing to maps
    +siri can now delete apps,enable options in setting and sent photos
    +more password style such as typing words +bug fixing +new app???!

  • Sisimo

    Isn’t iOS 6. Is simply iOS 5.whatever!!
    I miss you Steve Jobs!!

  • Zenfire

    Been there did that- a retired very long term Apple employee. A after Jobs left, the best design engineers began leaving. I spoke with them and they said the company want them to take the quality out of the design, and were embarrassed to be in design. After the Mafia don was fired Jobs was brought back (more seasoned, slightly more mature) and finished rewriting the operating system. Now they are no longer interested in serious computers, instead they want to make throw away Gucci products for the wealthy. Apple has left many of us hanging out there with the MacPro Desktop. Their top processor design engineer went to AMD. If intel is dropped as some manufactures are threatening, Apple with be the only one buying it so same problems as Motorola and IBM when your only 5% of the market.

  • Inari The Wolf

    The fucking App Store keeps crashing. Dafuq!?

  • bamboozle

    dear apple, IOS6 is a piece of shit. Draining the goddam battery. U suck, plain and simple.

  • Manuel

    iOS 6 is truly a price of shit

  • Derp

    It is July 2013. Apple’s piece of shit iOS is STILL not letting me connect to my home wifi. Do you know how painfully annoying that is? Especially since pretty much everything I do electronically involved that phone before this crap iOS forced me to basically use it as a brick. I don’t get it, why wouldn’t they fix the issue by now?