Apple Is Selling View-Master VR Headset For iPhone

VR headset

It seems as if a lot of people have noticed that Apple is selling a virtual-reality headset over on their website. The View-Master Virtual Reality Starter Pack by Mattel is a budget and kid friendly VR headset that works with the iPhone 5 or newer.

To use the device, you simply slip your iPhone into the VR viewer, download and open the View-Master app, and you’ll soon be able to look around stunning locations around the world. While the View-Master is on, you’ll see nothing but the screen of your iPhone. The headset will let you choose your location when the 3D augmented reality menu appears. Once you click the lever, you’ll be launched into a new world. Some of the featured sample location apps include Space, National Geographic: Wildlife and Destinations. In order to explore more worlds you’ll have to purchase a View-Master VR Experience Pack.

For the past few weeks, Apple has been hinting about their own possible VR headset. The company has been reported bringing a group of experts together to work on virtual reality technologies. Apple CEO Tim Cook expressed his thoughts about the company’s projects with VR technology when he was asked about it during the first quarter earning call saying “In terms of VR, I don’t think it’s a niche. It’s really cool and has some interesting applications.” The company has already filed several VR patents over the years. It’ll be hard to tell exactly when Apple will release their own VR headset, but for now iPhone users can purchase the View-Master for $29.95 on Apple’s website.

Source info: The Verge

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    I picked one of these up for $20. On Clearance… At Walmart. There were hundreds of them with bright yellow clearance tags. #wifegotmotionsickness