iPhone 7 Rumored To Sport “Pixel Eyes” Screen Display & Slimmer Bezels

iPhone-7 2

According to a new report by MacRumors, Japan Display (a supplier for Apple) recently demoed its new “Pixel Eyes” technology that includes touch sensors right within the display itself. This would reduce the thickness of panels and improve touch accuracy for the rumored iPhone 7. Less than a year later, the company brought forth a second generation of its Pixel Eye display, which is noted to be better.

It was also reported that the company will narrow down the 0.8mm bezels around the display to 0.5mm, which the display panels will feature much improved touch accuracy that are accurate by up to 1mm. They also feature deeper black levels that should allow for better contrast ratios.

Something that’s worth noting about the second generation “Pixel Eyes” display, it can function with wet or soaked fingers. This means that it will be better than the Apple Watch’s OLED display that doesn’t work so well under water or with wet fingers.

A lot of sources and analysts believe that Apple will incorporate Japan Display’s “Pixel Eyes” tech into the upcoming iPhone 7, which will add-on to the rumors of a full waterproof iPhone. Something that MacRumors also pointed out from The Motley Fool, Japan Display has started mass production of its new display and is expected to debut it on “Premium mobile products” that are due to be released later this year.

Source info: MacRumor

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