Could Apple iCar Be Coming Soon?

Apple's Car_2

The latest rumor is Apple is working on a bigger project, beside their Apple devices. Talk is, Apple is quite serious about developing an electric car.

Apple’s secretive project seems to be growing by the day, word is, that the company has filed for patents relating to building a vehicle, this project is said to have a code name “Project Titan.” Speculation is the site for manufacturing and testing is taking place at Apple’s testing center in Sunnyvale, California. According to Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk, Apple has hired former Tesla engineers, and further news reports according to the Financial Times, Apple has hired several automotive design and technology professionals for their expertise, and to add to the news, The Guardian claims that Apple has made a self-driving car that is ready for testing. More talk states that Apple is negotiating with BMW and Samsung specialist working with batteries, as well as reassigning large number of their employees to work on “Project Titan.”

Speculation of what features might be included are: A maintenance free electric car, with advance safety features that include an automatic lane changing system with a flick of an indicator, a backup camera, touch-screen steering, single pedal to replace the traditional accelerator and brakes, and of course, synchronization with all Apple devices.

Other possible advance features could include hands-free calling, night vision, and voice recognition. Rumor also has it, there is a possibility of digital license plates. One of the final speculations is that Apple could debut its electric car in 2019 or 2020.

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