New Free Apps Are Now Available In The App Store

Apple App Store

Are you looking for some fun free apps and games for your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch? If so, you will be able to pick up Apple’s Free App of the Week, Animal Puzzle Kids, Special Enquiry Detail, Supermarket Management 2, and more for free in the App Store.

The first app up in the list is Animal Puzzle Kids. After choosing a scene, cork board cutouts will show up on the screen. Your child must select a piece and place it in the correct cutout. Once complete, the scene will become fully animated and they can tap on different items and characters to see what happens. The game includes 11 scenes to play, which also features a new baby play time mode.

free appstore 1

You can get this app for free in the App Store.

If you are into mystery and detective shows and games, Special Enquiry Detail: Engaged to Kill is an app that many will enjoy. Help detectives Turino and Lamonte discover clues at crime scenes, interrogate suspects, and solve fun puzzles to find the serial murderer known as the Engagement Killer. Special Enquiry Detail includes 44 locations to discover, and 22 mini-games to participate in.

free appstore 2

You can get this app for free in the App Store.

Supermarket Management 2 challenges players to keep their customers happy by stocking shelves, bringing around shopping carts, fulfilling orders and checking customer out. Although the game sounds hectic, you will be able to hire coworkers to take on the big load of customers, which will help make your supermarket run more efficiently and grow bigger. The game features five shops, 49 levels, and eight mini-games.

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You can get this app for free in the App Store.

Need a simple and clutter-free calculator? MathJoy provides just that. The colorful buttons are set in place in such a way that no matter the screens size or orientation of your iOS device, they will be easy to reach and press. This app automatically formats numbers as you type, and allows you to access the basic features found on other calculators, but with the ability to copy operations and results. You can also use MathJoy on your Apple Watch.

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You can get this app for free in the App Store.

AWS or Analog Weather Station is not just fun to use, but it’s also very informative. This app provides users with the current temperatures outside, relative humidity, and atmospheric pressure. Adding some originality, this app doesn’t just present values but digital needles and mercury to give it that vintage feel. The needles can be swiped and adjusted, while the whole interface of the app supports landscape view.

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You can get this app for free in the App Store.

Apple’s Free App of the Week is psychedelic adventure game Infinite Skater. Resembling dungeon running games, Infinite Skater has players riding a magical skateboard through strange and unique landscapes and environments. The latest update to the game improves the graphics and rids the game of many bugs.

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You can get this app for free in the App Store.

Note: These apps will be free for a limited time.