Apple May Make Wireless Headphones For The iPhone 7

iPhone 7 panic button 1

News has surfaced just about everywhere, that Apple will possibly remove the iPhone 7 3.5 headphone jack, to make the iPhone more slimmer and sleeker. This means they could possibly replace it with new wireless headphones, so users would still be able to listen to their audio.

The new patent Apple showed last month, shows their wireless headphones connected to an iPhone both wirelessly, and with a wire. Users will be able to choose them plugged in or not plugged in. But would have to have a special connector that would let them attach a cord to their ear buds, to plug the other end into the jack. This would send wireless signals to the headphones, so you could easily hear your audio.

Apple Possible New Headphone Design

However, Apple filed this idea in March 2011, and obviously technology has evolved since then. So of course they would have to adjust their plan to match today’s technology. Now the iPhone 7 is not yet released to the public just yet, and won’t until this September. Meaning this idea is still in the making and still needs a couple of tweaks.

More updates will probably come out soon when the new iPhone gets ready to make its debut. But until then, rumors still say that this is the plan Apple will incorporate to the New iPhone 7, in order to slim it down.

Source info: CNN Money