Could The GreyScale Mode Possibly Help You With Your SmartPhone Addiction?

GreyScale Setting for iPhone

Do you ever find yourself constantly checking your iPhone, for messages, social media or just turning it on for the sake of it. Well unfortunately I think a lot of us are guilty of that, and there may be a solution to stop that habit.

All you need to do is just change your iPhone screen settings to greyscale (which is in settings, general, accessibility and then greyscale) which will turn your Smartphone’s screen into a black and white…sort of dingy look, to prevent you from constantly looking at it. This however is not a 100 percent cure of you not mindlessly checking your iPhone, but it could possibly help you out a little more, since the screen isn’t so bright and tempting to check.

It might be a mixture of things that might make the greyscale solution work, which is 1. The notifications are no longer red, which can have a stimulating effect on the users brain to simply look at it. And 2. Since you’re conscious of the greyscale setting on, you may also try a bit harder to fight the craving of taking a peek at your iPhone’s screen in a matter of minutes. But of course, these are just theories that may or may not work with everyone, and is just a suggestion as well as a conclusion of how this could possibly work.

So try it out yourself and see how the greyscale setting works for you; on whether you’re still checking your iPhone every so often or backing off a little more.

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