Your Headphones Could Help You Take Pictures & Videos

Take Picture and Videos With Your Headphones

The iPhone’s camera app shutter isn’t in the most convenient place at times, especially if you’re trying to take pictures one-highhandedly. That’s why you can use the volume button as a great alternative for single shots and selfies, if you just so happen couldn’t use your timer, selfie stick or another person to snap a pic for you.

All you have to do is just prop your iPhone up somewhere, preferably up against a wall or some type of sturdy object, and take your pair of Apple headphones as your wired remote. Then you just press down on one of the two-volume buttons on you iPhone headphones, which will conveniently work as a shutter activator to snap your pictures or videos in a breeze.


Now some people may or may not like this new method of picture-taking, but it is a good alternative if (A): your camera timer suddenly stopped working, (B): you have trouble reaching your camera’s app shutter button, or (C): you simply just wanted a less zoomed-in shot of yourself, without having to bug or pester someone to take your pictures.

So try it out and see, and let us know what you think about this new method of selfie taking and if you like it or not. For more information about how to use your Apple headphones to take photos and videos, you can visit Snap Guide for more details.

Source info from: Snap Guide

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