Hexagon iPhone Case

Hexagon iPhone Case

This is the Hexagon iPhone Case by casesbycsera. This case is priced around 11.99-18.99 depending on the device and case that you go with.

If you’re interested, here’s what the seller has to offer:

Simply choose your device model using the drop down menu before checkout. We produce limited edition artwork for:

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Our cases are non-fading (stickers or decals are not used). We do not make 2D cases which are made using metal sheets applied with adhesive or screen printing like other brands, our artwork is printed on the top of our clear cases using the latest and highest quality professional printing technology in the world! Please check our FAQ section nd policies page regarding phone protection, case and print durability and care instructions of our printed artwork http://etsy.me/19WrbDP

CSERA crystal clear cases feature a luxurious glossy transparent finish showing off your iPhone or Galaxy device, a perfect balance of protection and purity of design, for those who love their Samsung and Apple iPhone’s minimal design.

CSERA CLEAR RUBBER TPU CASES are available for iPhone 5/5S/SE, 6/6S, 6 Plus and Samsung Galaxy S4, S5, S6 and S7, Samsung Galaxy Note 3, Note and Note 5. Our TPU RUBBER SILICONE glossy cases snap onto your phone easily. Those wanting a more protective phone case that is easy to use with a stylish look prefer the clear rubber cases. CSERA clear rubber cases are waterproof but not scratch-proof and will not stretch or warp over time.

CSERA CLEAR RUBBER CASES measure between 1 and 1.8 mm thick allowing access to all buttons and functions. Our specially designed rubber cases cover the volume buttons, power button and speaker holes preventing damage and scratches. Our clear rubber cases also feature a 1mm extra rim of rubber to protect your phone’s screen when laying screen first onto surfaces (we recommend a Gorilla glass screen protector be used at all times to prevent your screen cracking if you drop your phone). Clear rubber case thickness measurements according to device model: iSE = 1mm, i5/5S = 1mm, i6/6S = 1.7mm, i6 Plus/6s Plus = 1.7mm, Samsung S7 = 1.6mm, Samsung S6 = 1.2mm, Samsung S5 = 1.7mm, Samsung S4 = 1.7mm, Samsung Note 5 = 1.8mm, Samsung Note 4 = 1.8mm, Samsung Note 3 = 1.6mm. *Due to the sensitivity of mobile phone screens, we strongly recommend using a full glass screen protector on your phone at all times to prevent your screen cracking if you drop your phone.

CSERA CLEAR HARD PLASTIC CASES are available for iPhone 6/6S, 6 Plus/6S Plus (more device models coming soon). This is the slimmest option we offer – a rigid and hard gloss polycarbonate plastic case that snaps onto your phone covering the sides only. Both the top and bottom, function buttons are exposed and not covered by the case making it easy to use non branded chargers/docks. Those wanting a ‘barely there’ phone case that is easy to use with a stylish look prefer the single hard plastic cases. CSERA cases are waterproof but not scratch-proof. CSERA artwork covers the back of the cases only and not the sides so you can see your phone through the case too!