Sharp Shipping iPhone 5 Screens This month

Sharp has said it’s creating the screen for Apple’s iPhone 5 and it’ll reportedly be ready to ship this month.

President Takashi Okuda told reporters during a press briefing (via Reuters) that “shipments will start in August” regarding the screen for the unannounced iPhone. However, when asked for more details on the smartphone’s screen such as its size he refused to comment.

That said, a source told Reuters the iPhone 5 screen measures at 4 inches. Comparatively, the iPhone 4’s display is 3.5 inches. The report has credence as it’s been widely speculated that the iPhone 5 will feature a four inch display.

The iPhone 5’s screen itself may be based Sharp’s IGZO technology; it delivers increased pixel transparency and lower energy consumption. The Japanese firm announced back in April that they’d be integrating IGZO technology to mobile devices, inevitably hinting at Apple being the first company to receive their service.