Google Search Allows iPhone Users To Find Their Missing Smartphones

Google Find My Phone

Google has recently made it easier to find lost iPhones, all through its newly added search option called “Find your phone”, which helps you locate and track your missing devices.

In order to locate your missing smartphone or any other missing gadget, you’re first going to want to click on the find your phone option, which will lead you to a list of all the devices you can choose from. This includes phones, tablets, Androids and iOS devices that you previously signed in with, using your Google account. If you choose an iOS device you’ll be able to see five suggestions to pick from, which will be; find and lock your iPhone, try calling your phone, sign out of your phone through iCloud, reach out to your carrier and reach out for local help.

Google can direct you to find and lock your iPhone, where you can go to, which will allow you to locate your phone, enable lost mode as well as be able to call your device and pinpoint it on the map.

Giving this new option, users should now be able to easily track where their missing device is, since Google made pretty straightforward instructions for you to be able to find your device.
For more information about Google adding its new “Find your phone” option, you can head on over to Cnet for more details.

Source info: Cnet