iPhone 5 Media Attention Thrashes Samsung’s (Image)

The media attention Apple’s iPhone 5 received is far more substantial than that received by Samsung (Galaxy Note II) and Nokia (Lumia 920).

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Forbes reports:

HiBeam Research has numbers to illustrate the obvious. Apple‘s iPhone 5 is the clear winner when it comes to media attention for recently announced smartphones.

Two other high profile smartphones, the Samsung Galaxy Note II and the Nokia Lumia 920, were introduced in close proximity to the iPhone 5 yet Apple 5 got nearly three times the notice of its closest rival with 64.7 percent of the total media attention. Samsung came in at 22.2 percent and Nokia got 13.1 percent.

HiBeam reached this conclusion by searching for each smartphone for “two weeks after their respective announcements to determine which device gained the most media attention,” according to the company.