Check Out These 5 Paid Apps That Are Now Free In The App Store

Apple App Store

If you’re looking for some new apps to try out, we’ve rounded up 5 paid apps that are now free in the App Store for you check out.

It should be noted that these apps are on sale for free for a limited time only and can change without notice.

Ringtone app

Ringtone Designer

All in ONE free RINGTONES App (convert music & record with mic)


+ Ringtone (default and for each contact)
+ Text tone (default and for each contact)
+ New voice mail alert
+ New mail alert
+ Calendar alert
+ Reminder alert
+ …

– Create ringtones with VOICE MORPHING effects.

– Create unlimited ringtones from songs in Music Library of your iPhone.

– Create unlimited ringtones from recording sounds.

– Create ringtone with audio files from another applications (which apps have Open In function) .

You can now download the Ringtone Designer app for free.





Humidity is a beautiful and ad free way to view your humidity levels and other various weather statistics based on your current location.

Receive up to the minute updates on
– Humidity
– Temperature
– Precipitation
– Cloud Cover
– Wind Speed
– O Zone

You can download Humidity in the App Store for free.

Rhein 2

Rhein II

Best app for protecting your photos and videos, this app requires a password to open. You can add photos from the Photo Album or via the camera. This app support arrange the photos by date, location and media type. Even though your photos are protected inside the app, you can still move them in and out of the app easily enough if you choose to do so.

There are plenty of good reasons why you might want to password protect photos on you iPhone, from protecting family photos from falling into the hands of strangers to keeping sexy photos from prying eyes.

Rhein II is normally $0.99, but you can download it for free.

simply ToDo

Simply ToDo

This is a ToDo manager for you without unnecessary functions with simple and clear interface that helps you to manage all your tasks.

– Create tasks in a few taps
– Create reminders that will notify you about important tasks
– Use swipe gestures to complete or delete entries
– Mark categories with colors

You can download Simplt ToDo on sale for free.

Explorer File Manager app

Explorer File

This app is a complete file manager and viewer.


– For iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.
– View files of many types, including images, movies, sound, text, web archives, PDFs.
– Copy, paste, rename, and move files.
– Dynamic file sharing folder of iTunes.
– Manage files in your Dropbox, Google Drive.
– Send files as email attachments.
– View and download email attachments.
– Full screen file viewer.

Download Explorer file on sale for free.