Experience New Worlds & Environments With The VR Mojo Orbulus App

VR Mojo Orbulus App

VR Mojo Orbulus app for the iPhone and iPad, lets users experience things in a whole new way. You’re able to travel the world, stand on Mars, see fireworks, get married and much-much more.

Users are able to connect their iPhone 6 on up with a smartphone VR viewer, and literally control their movement and sights all through their hands or looking at objects. This gives users the ability to actually feel like they’re in a whole new world or environment, right in the comfort of their own home.

Here are the instructions you have to use, in order for it to work on your smartphone.

1. Turn on Wi-fi

2. Install the app

3. Wait for the data download to finish

4. Run the app

5. Turn the sound up, or put headphones on for a better experience

6. Insert your iPhone into your case

7. Choose a Photo sphere in the app you want

8. Move your ear to your right shoulder in order to zoom in, and move your ear to your left shoulder, in order to zoom out

9. Look down if you want to exit

10. And last but not least, relax and enjoy the fun

The VR Mojo Orbulus app requires a iOS 7.0 or later, and is compatible with the iPhone and iPad for free at the App Store.

Source info: App Store

Photo credit: VRCraftWorks.com