BEZALEL 16 Qi Wireless Charger For Your iPhone 6/6s Plus

Bezela charger

The BEZALEL 16 Qi Wireless charger is a small patch module, that helps charge up your iPhone 6/6s Plus in no time. The charger is ultra thin, quick and works great with most smartphone cases as well.

With a new low heat emission and improved high-efficiency TI chipset, the Qi wireless charger works great as a high quality patch attachment, to give you a full-long lasting battery life. This particular charger can also charge and work great in certain car models, such as some: GM, Chevrolet, and some Cadillac cars, to charge up your iPhone while you’re driving. Just remember to specifically look at your car model name and maker before you charge it in your vehicle, so no hazards or other potential dangers can happen to your phone.

Here are some of the chargers specs:

  • Input voltage of self adaptation
  • Output current of 700mA
  • Wireless receiving distance is 3-7mm
  • Wireless charging efficiency is about 72%
  • Has a new improved high-efficiency TI chip
  • Has a dimension of 69 x 34 x 0.55mm
  • Is Qi / FCC/ CE-EMC/ CE-ROHS certified
  • Works great in certain car models

You can buy the 16 BEZALEL Qi wireless charger for the iPhone 6/6s Plus for $16.25 at, with free shipping and handling with a purchase of $49.00. For more information about the wireless charger you can simply click on the link for more details.

Source info: Amazon