Connect, Sync & Listen To Music With The New inViBee App


inViBee is a new app that lets users be able to sync up with friends, listen to and share the same music from their devices as well be able to check online to see who’s near you.

You can either use the app to share tunes as you’re listening to them, or you can pretend to be a professional DJ, invite friends and treat them with your very own selection of music. This is great for parties, sleep overs and sharing your favorite artist and music with any of your close friends or family.

With the inViBee app, users are able to see people that’s online and listening to music near you. Meaning if there’s someone listening to music very close to you and you’re curious about it, you can hit the join button that’s on the app and start listening to the same music they’re listening to, at the exact same time.

If you’re interested in the inViBee app, you can download it on your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, on a iOS 8.2 or later for free at the App Store.

Source info: App Store