New Alfa Genus Headphones For Your Apple Device

alfa genus earbuds

The new multi award-winning Alfa Genus headphones, are sleek, lightweight and durable; making them great for listening to music, videos and audio on your Apple device.

Rebuilt from the ground up, the headphones sport a beautiful, featherweight aluminum casing; That provides a long-lasting, one of a kind finish, with exceptional sound. The headphones also include a silicon, memory foam and double flange ear tips, to allow users to pick which one suites them best.

Alfa headphones

They also come with interchangeable tuning filters to let you control your music, on how low and how high you’d prefer it, as well as with an integrated in-line microphone and remote control for your calls and music; Which helps you to be able to talk on the phone like never before. The headphones are also super comfortable, snug yet lightweight in your ears, providing a soft and luxurious fit all day long.

If you’re interested in purchasing the new Alfa Genus headphones, you can purchase them over at for $55.49 with free shipping and handling. For more information about the headphones you can simply click on the link for more details.

Source info: Amazon