New Philips Power Potion 3000 Portable Battery for Your iPhone

Philips battery

The new Philips Power Potion 3000 designed by Catherine Wong, was inspired to make a portable battery charger in the shape of a perfume bottle, to help charge up your iPhone.

The Power Potion 3000 features a rose gold aluminum ring, an integrated lightning connector and a soft touch coating finish, to give you a unique design and look, as well as the quality that you want. It also comes with a line of small LED lights that provide a quick flashing indication, to let users know how much 3,000 mAh battery you have left.
Here’s what the creator of the portable battery charger, Catherine Wong had to say.

Philips portable battery

“The goal was to create a unique power bank solution that solves everyday battery problem with our mobile devices. The challenge was to stand out amongst the rest of the competitor that has already saturated the market with all sorts of design and sizes.”

Unfortunately there has been no specific release date as of when the new portable battery charger will be available to the public and in stores. And sounds to be like the battery is still in production and in an unknown status. For more information about this product, you can visit Behance for more details.

Source info: Geeky Gadgets, Behance