Discover New Restaurants With The New Zaget App

Zaget app

If you love trying and eating at new restaurants, then the new Zaget app might be for you. The app basically allows users to be able to discover and find new restaurants, all by simply searching for what they want.

But not only can you just search for what you want in the search bar, the app makes it a lot more easier for users to find a new place to eat at, by simply labeling each restaurant in each category for better convenience. This will help you easily browse through nearby neighborhoods and cuisines, as well as even see real ratings and pricing too.

The app also offers many different types of food preferences for you to pick from, such as: American, Asian, French, Mexican and more, to help narrow down a particular restaurant you are actually looking for. This can also help anybody who may be in a mood to try a new type of food or dish, and wants to kind of step outside the box.

Zaget requires a iOS 7.0 or later, and is compatible for the iPhone and iPad for free at the App Store. If you would like more information about the app, then you can visit Zagat’s blog for more details.

Source info: App Store