Macbook Decal Blue Song

Blue song nots Macbookcase

This is the Macbook Decal Blue Song by StoreDecorUS. This Macbook decal goes from 20.99-33.99 and has this to offer for those who might be interested:


Give your Mac new life and individuality! Make it special as yourself!

Photopolymer PVC Self-adhesive custom cut foil with unique design

Characteristics of the material:
Protects the front panel of your favorite computer from scratches and moisture
UV protection
Heat protection up to 63 °C

Characteristics of the print:
High quality detailed print of 8192 px
Extremely detailed vector graphic
Deep realistic colors

Easy to install:
1 Step: Clean the surface of the computer
2 Step: Remove the decal from the transport base(white paraffin paper)
3 Step: Carefully chose the position starting from the apple logo and keep sticking it up from the centre to the corners. (Use a rakel or plastic card wrapped in piece of textile fabric)

It does NOT damage the surface of the computer, if you decide to remove it or change it with a new one!

The product images are for illustrative purposes. Please, have a look at our tutorial, to have an idea how you can properly install the decal. Link to the tutorial: Please note, that some decals have to had 9mm technical line cuts in the corners (see the tutorial), due to smooth laying on the corner curves of some of the computer models.

Note: You can use soap and water mixture or display cleaning solution instead of the spray shown in the video and a plastic card wrapped in piece of textile fabric instead of the rakel. Please, do not use objects with sharp edges during the installation.