Apple’s Smart Battery Case For The iPhone 7

Smart Battery Case

Apple launched its Smart Battery case for the iPhone 7 to give users a longer battery life. For those who weren’t a fan of the bump on the back of the Smart case for the iPhone 6/6s won’t be a fan of the exterior of this case since the design is exactly the same.

Apple released a Smart Battery Case for the iPhone 7 which is available in the colors white, red and black. The case gives users an extra 26 hours of talk time, 22 hours of LTE internet usage, or up to 24 hours of Video playback. The battery status is conveniently displayed on the iPhone Lock Screen and in the Notifications Center so users will always know how much battery life they have left.

The battery case comes with a 2,365mAh battery which is enough to fully charge the iPhone 7 once and have a little power left over.

The case also includes a Lighting connector that supports Lighting accessories, and is compatible with the iPhone Lighting Dock.

The inside of the case has a soft microfiber lining that protects the phone and a silicone exterior. The case is easy to slip on and off thanks to its elastomer hinge design. Apple’s Smart Battery Case can be purchased for $99 over at

Source/Photo credit: Apple