Take Panoramic VR Pictures With Google’s New Cardboard Camera App

Cardboard Camera

Capture and share moments with virtual reality photos with your friends and family, with Google’s new Cardboard Camera; That can literally take 3D panoramic pictures of scenery and sound in every direction.

Now in order to view and experience the photos in 3D, you have to place your iPhone or iPad into a Google Cardboard viewer, make sure it’s in securely and properly, and begin the virtual fun! This is great for anyone who already owns or is thinking about getting the Google Cardboard, and is looking for a free but compatible app to go alongside it, since this app was purposely designed for the Google Cardboard only.

This app is also great for anyone who has a love for capturing sentimental or everyday moment pictures, and likes to look back on all the past experiences and memories that they did; Such as going on vacation, going to a family reunion, birthday parties and more, that you would like to maybe look back on or see through a real life VR viewer.

Cardboard Camera requires a iOS 8.0 or later, and is compatible for the iPhone and iPad for free at the App Store. For more information or reviews about the app, you can simply click on the link for details.

source info: App Store